Because in food I trust. In all forms and shapes. 

100 cakes and 1 candle.  Keeping traditions alive

100 cakes and 1 candle. Keeping traditions alive

A book that took two years to dream about and another two to put together. It took eight cake tastings with 120 cakes to taste. It took hundreds of kilometers of travel around Latvia to meet the people behind the cakes. It took pages and pages to edit, write, and put together. 

This is a book as sweet as honey. With stories from families all over Latvia who share not only tastes but also memories. A book that inspires one to bake, taste, and enjoy life. Celebrate it. Dig in everyone's family recipes to find their cake to cherish. 

A gift to Latvia on its 100-year anniversary from me and the people that participated. From bakers – young to old – and from photographers and staff that kept it together. My dream that came true, together with our beloved former president Vaira Vike Freiberga as ambassador. 

This is one of my sweetest projects, which made me run more kilometers and do more pushups, but it was worth every bite as all the cakes were amazing – full of flavour, stories, and bakers’ love. 

Kids in the kitchen

Kids in the kitchen