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Pick of the month

Pick of the month

For me no day goes by without trying something new. It seems I am born for that. Happily, I have gotten to point in my life when people know what I like (those who send me samples), and I am lucky enough to try good products; I have no wish to try bad ones since I have only one body, one mind, and one life.

Some products are good, some are great, some are just there, but some stand out. These are few of the ones that stood out this month or in last few months of “eating” them, and by eating, I mean all forms of consumption.

Secret garden. Look at them. Truly beautiful roses. There are no words to express how beautiful they are. Remember the name SECRET GARDEN. Got them in Magnolijas zieds (Latvia).

Donna Hay magazine has been my inspiration for almost seven years since I discovered the first issue. Thanks to Santa Claus, I still get a subscription note as a present under the tree, but this year it was something more – the book Life in balance. I have not yet tried all of the recipes, but that's ok, since I regularly buy books to support the ones who do a great job and to get inspiration from stories or pictures. This is a must. donnahay.com.au

Au revoir to all that. Why is French kitchen where it is now? An eclipse of their glorious kitchen stories? Is it because of the magic of Michelin starts, McDonalds, or something else? A wonderful read by Michael Steinberg. amazon.co.uk (I got it there.)

Isle of Wolf. These are THE candles. Be it vanilla, orange hibiscus, rose, or cinnamon spice aromas, they just make the day (or evening, to be accurate). Made in Latvia at Vilksala Manor from pure plant based wax, these are every candle lover’s must-have when cold evenings come (in Latvia, sadly, quite often). Great as a gift. Google to find ordering possibilities. (Latvia – Madara shops).

John Masters. Blood orange and vanilla + John Masters name, and I know it is going to be a great combination that will feed my skin and my soul. Everything about John Masters is great, but when it comes to adding vanilla, then it’s excellent (I love, love, love vanilla). johnmasters.com (got it in bioteka.lv in Latvia)

Florame. Florame is a name that you look for when buying essential oils. Bergamot zest essential oil is what you look for when you need to calm down, purify your mind, and regulate your appetite. I just love to smell it on its own because there is something about that “sweety” zesty aroma of bergamot. florame.com (got it in bioteka.lv in Latvia)

Madara flower dust. This has been my favorite for some time because every time I put it on, it just feel like something a bit more special is happening. Sparkling minerals and rose hips – that is what makes this cream so special. madaracosmetics.lv

Bio Planete. Amazing, a truly amazing mixture of flax seed (65%) and sunflower oils with added curcuma, raspberry, pepper, cinnamon, and pomegranate seed oil. It is a bomb in a bottle. Just amazing. Get it at your local eco shop (I got mine at Unce eko shop in Latvia).

Muraglia fumo. Olives are an addiction for me already, but a new baby – smoked olive oil from Murgalia – that is something special. That is just about everything you need sometimes. Just a few drops of this and that's it. Fantastic. frantoiomuraglia.it/en (got in from Gourmet studio shop in Latvia).

Drappier. Well. There is no life without champagne (for some) and there is no life without Drappier Rose de Saignee. Beautifully pink with light and elegant bubbles, aromas of strawberries, spices, and violets blooming in spring. Just about everything you need on a hot summer’s night with antipasti, salami, or grilled lamb. champagne-drappier.com (got it in viavino.lv in Latvia).

Riedel Veritas. I will not deny that plates, dishes, and glasses are some of my passions. The ones that call out to me every time (even when I pretend I am not looking ). This Veritas red wine set is all you wish to see in glasses – delicate, sexy, and elegant and with the function to open your senses and please you at the same time. Cab/merlot + new world and pinot + old world and syrah. A great gift for yourself, for weddings, and for every wine lover. riedel.com

Text and photos: Signe Meirāne
Photos taken with Sony alpha 7s

Boulangerie Liepaja

Boulangerie Liepaja