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A reason to travel. Boulangerie. Liepāja

A reason to travel. Boulangerie. Liepāja

Every time I go to Liepāja (to the city where they say that “the wind was born”) and sit down at the table by the window at my favorite cafe Boulangerie Liepāja, I feel like I have travelled far, far away to some place in France. I just sit there and wonder how the owners, Ieva and Mikus, have managed to get that feeling. Knowing them, of course, I know a bit of the story, but still… You have to have a very special gift to be able to do that.

Boulangerie Liepāja is a must if you are in Liepaja, or even near the city (by near I mean 80 km or less). Every time I leave Riga (it is about a 3 h drive) I already feel the taste of the freshly baked croissants and perfectly made cappuccino in my mouth. It is a very nerve-wracking drive because the only thing I can feel is the smell and buttery texture of the croissants and the magic of the first bite after I have sat down and had my coffee – nothing beats the first bite (except all the rest of the bites and one more croissant).

Boulangerie Liepāja, with its French ‘chansons’ and jazz, is in a very, very small and beautiful building in the centre of Liepāja. During early spring, summer, and fall, there is nothing better that to have your croissant up on the roof with a view of the church spire and the city itself. The frequesnt guests (sparrows) come here to eat crumbs of croissants. Here the magic in everything – food, atmosphere, and the cityscape.

Of course, croissants are not the only option – they also have wonderful macarons, tasty soup, classics such as mozzarella with tomato (very, very nice) and other salads, a beautiful selection of wine, bread to take away, éclairs and other pastries (depending on the day and season), great coffee, freshly squeezed juice, and a big cup of hot chocolate for kids.

PS. Boulangerie Liepāja is why no one tells me that they are going to Liepāja, because they know I will ask them to bring me some croissants.

PPS. Boulangerie is a good reason to plan a trip to the “city where the wind was born” (the city itself is a charming place to visit).

And please note – there are no fresh croissants on Sundays, and if you want to guarantee getting some, better call to reserve some for you. They just fly off the shelves.

Boulangerie Liepaja
Kursu street 2, Liepaja


Text and photos: Signe Meirāne
Photos taken with Sony alpha 7s





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