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Salmon and shrimp pizza

Salmon and shrimp pizza

I love pizza. But it has to be good. Really good. Not long ago, I had the chance to test the new a . And I must say – I was amazed by the result. I just loved it. And that was the day this recipe came to me since I had some leftover salmon from a tasting, some shrimp and peas in the freezer and tons of canned tomatoes.

For the dough:
515 g all purpose wheat flour
80 g semolina
1/4 tsp. sea salt
1 tbsp. brown caster sugar
7 g dry yeast
380 ml lukewarm water
40 ml olive oil

400 g peas
3 generous tbsp. pesto
500 g cold smoked salmon, sliced thinly
12 sun dried tomatoes in oil, sliced thinly
80 g hard cheese, grated
600 g mozzarella slices
400 g shrimps
6 thyme sprigs, just the leaves

240 g canned tomatoes
1/3 of cinnamon stick
3 allspice
1 tsp. Dried oregano
2 small bay leaves
1/2 tsp. garlic granules
1 rosemary spring
3 thyme sprigs
20 ml balsamic vinegar
sea salt to taste
freshly ground black pepper to taste

at the end:
3 extremely delicious pizzas

In a bowl, mix together the yeast, water and oil. Let sit for 10 minutes. Place flour, semolina, salt and sugar in another bowl. Mix. Pour the softened yeast mixture into the flour mixture and, using your hands, mix everything together until the dough starts to come together. On a floured surface, knead for 10 minutes (or in a table-top mixer with a dough hook for 7 minutes) until smooth and elastic dough forms. Form a ball and put it in a bowl. Cover with cling film and rest in a warm place to double in size – about 1½ hrs.

Meanwhile, make the sauce. Put all the ingredients in a deep pan. Cook on a medium heat for 20 minutes until thick. Let cool a bit and then blend until smooth. Put through a sieve and let rest.

Boil peas for 10 minutes and drain.

Heat the oven to 220 degrees (if your oven has pizza setting, put it on that). Once your dough has doubled in size, slap it down on a lightly floured surface and divide into 3 pieces. Roll each piece into a ball and with a well-floured rolling pin; roll out each ball of dough as thin as possible. Put on a pan that has been sprinkled with some semolina.

Spread over some tomato sauce and pesto. Then scatter half of the hard cheese, salmon, mozzarella, peas, thyme leaves, shrimp and top with the remaining cheese. Sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste.

Put in the oven and bake for 10 – 14 minutes until the base is crisp and the crust is golden. 

Recipe: Signe Meirane
Photography: Armands Meirans





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