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Shiitake ramen

Shiitake ramen

It’s been a while, more precisely since David Chang’s Netflix series The mind of a Chef, that I have been obsessed with ramen. I bought the book Mamofuku. I bought Tove Nilsson’s book Ramen. I read articles and stories about ramen to understand just a bit about how it is made and what's important there (read more here). And then I made it – once, twice, thrice and more. I tried one in Cocolo Ramen in Berlin. I have made many now, but not enough to call me a master, no, no no. Several years and many liters of ramen will be needed for that, but one thing I know for sure – this one tastes good and is always well received at home.


1 kg free range or organic chicken carcass
50 g peeled carrot, halved
1 stalk celery, in thirds
40 g peeled shallots, halved
1 large clove of garlic, peeled
30 g peeled organic ginger, sliced
200 g fresh shiitake mushrooms
3.5‒4 l water
5 all spice corns
20 black pepper corns
2 large bay leaves
smoked chilli to taste, if desired
sea salt to taste

4 tbsp sesame oil
240 g shiitake mushrooms, sliced
20 g peeled and crushed garlic
20 g peeled and crushed garlic
20 ml soya sauce
red chilli to taste, thinly sliced
10 tbsp tamari or dark soya sauce

4 tbsp soya sauce
200 g ramen or egg noodles
120 g peeled white radish, julienned
120 g smoked organic firm tofu, cubed
marinated ginger, if desired
4 semi-hard boiled eggs*
small handful spinach leaves or purslane
sprouts (your choice – radish, broccoli, mustard)
sesame seeds


For the broth, put the chicken carcass and other ingredients, except the pepper and bay leaves, in a fairly large pot. Cover with water and heat on low heat until it begins to boil and forms scum (about 20‒30 minutes). Skim the scum until it no longer forms. Add the pepper and bay leaves and boil on low heat for 3 hours. One hour will also do, but longer is better to get a more intense flavour (which I always do). Strain while warm or cool, if you are preparing the soup the next day. Remove all meat from the bones and save for a different purpose.

Make the noodles according to package directions. Drain and rinse with cold water.

For the mushrooms, heat sesame oil on a pan and cook the shrooms on high heat for 2 minutes. Add the remaining ingredients and cook another 2 minutes on high heat.

Reheat the broth when ready to serve.

Before serving, place 1 tbsp of soya sauce in the bowl and add a little broth and mix together. Then add the noodles, radishes, tofu, mushrooms, ginger (if using), halved egg, lettuce and sprouts. Pour on the hot broth and sprinkle with sesame seeds. Serve immediately.


Recipe and pictures: Signe Meirane
Camera: Sony Alpha 7s

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