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Lunch. Stockholm

Lunch. Stockholm

There is no need to walk around with empty stomach if you have these fantastic places to visit.

Tous Les Jours

Initially opened as a deli and foodstore, it has now turned into an outstanding, yet simple breakfast and lunch place offering green spirulina smoothies, perfect cappuccinos and other coffee drinks, classic cardamom and cinnamon buns, and of course croissants as well. But that’s far from everything – these guys also have a menu, which is modest in size but huge on flavours. The sashimi salad with avocado and spicy sauce is just one of the dishes that will make an impression, just like the turkey toast, served hot with a creamy coleslaw and Tyrrells crisps.

The menu is small, but each and every dish is just the way you’d want it – intense, but simple at the same time. Which is why the place is always full. Top tip: on a sunny day take a seat on the small terrace on the sidewalk.

Tegnérgatan 7, Stockholm


Would you like to experience a modestly sized shock of classics on a plate? Then you definitely have to eat at Usine Bistro 38. The everyday lunch menu changes each week, but if you’d like to stick to the classics, try the Swedish one – shrimp salad, which isn’t really a salad, instead it’s a mountain of shrimp poured on a salad with avocado, a creamy sauce and croutons. In case you’d like to challenge yourself a bit more, try the halloumi burger (deep fried halloumi cheese, lettuce, fluffy bread and veggies, served with herb fries). These combinations will be hard to get out of your head, just as the portion sizes and flavours.

And there’s always a compliment from the chef – I’ll never forget the brilliant idea of cauliflower and sauerkraut soup to either drink or eat, soaking a juicy baguette in it. I’ll remember each bite and mouthful, in fact. As this is a place for classics, don’t forget evenings as well – after work this is where fans of oysters meet to enjoy oysters for 1 euro apiece and champagne for 7 euro. It’s a combination that sweeps fans of oysters off their feet and the bistro space as well. And very deservedly.

Södermalmsallén 36-38, Stockholm

Café Pascal

When every local foodie has asked you whether you’ve been to Café Pascal, intrigue is clearly established. And when you get there, you understand what all that fuss is about. In an environment where visitors’ voices, the frothing of the milk, the clinking of the knives and forks overwhelms anything else, it’s obvious that the place is very much all right. Waiting in the queue to order coffee and food can be a challenge and a battle with your own self, especially when plates of mouthwatering salads and soups glide by, looking not just good, but downright damn sexy. But you start with a coffee, because this is a coffee place – they roast their own beans and turn them into the most exquisite espressos, cappuccinos, lattes and any other coffee drink you’d like.

To go with your coffee, help yourself to a cardamom or cinnamon bun, and I promise you won’t regret a single bite. But if lunch is what you’re after, there’s a modestly sized but very tempting menu – salads, a few soups and pastas. This is where you want to sit and soak up the surrounding charm, aromas, flavours and feelings. And make sure to try the bread with the whipped butter – at lunchtime it sits on the napkin and sugar table so airy and noble that you just want to nick the whole bowl and happily empty it just by yourself.

Norrtullsgatan 4, Stockholm


You can never get bored with Kaffeverket – it’s absolutely wonderful in terms of space, design, feelings and atmosphere. And, most importantly – in terms of food and drink. While the Kaffeverket in Sankt Eriksgatan is small, light and comparatively intimate, their Snickarbacken 7 location is its exact opposite. Set in an old horse stable with magnificent arches and high ceilings, it combines a stylish design shop with a restaurant. It’s never short of visitors, and when you try their food, you’ll know why – their slow cooked lamb salad with rice noodles and pickles was surprisingly brilliant, and the vegan salad with lentils and caramelised nuts was a hit that also carnivores would love. Another famous salad of theirs is the tuna and salmon salad.

The sandwiches here are reliably great. And, if you still have some space in your stomach for dessert (and I strongly suggest you leave a bit of space), try the raw bomb, the most famous of the famous cakes – a slice of coconut and chocolate – or their pecan and banana bread, grilled just before serving (with fresh honey). Heavenly. And start it all off with a coffee and a matcha latte, they’re very much worth it. This is a find to keep returning to.

Snickarbacken 7, Stockholm

Text by Signe Meirane
Photo by Kristine Dzalbe





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