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People who know me know that before I travel anywhere, I do a lot of research. I tried to do so about Limassol, but after my lifetime of travel I have to admit that this was the hardest research I've ever done. It was like looking for a place that does not really exist (on the Internet). But at the end I did find few great places to visit. here they are. 


If you are looking for a place that has great design and, more important, excellent specialty coffee, this is the one. Andreas, the owner, is there to help you – to make coffee, to make spinach pie, to make ice cream, and just to be there for you in case of any coffee related emergency, and believe it or not, with coffee that good the emergencies just keep coming. He serves Red Brick coffee on a daily basis and another specialty coffee as an addition. So, in the search for good espresso, cappuccino, freddo espresso, or just good filter coffee, this is the place to be. Address: Anexartisias 10, Limassol, Cyprus

PS. Just opposite is a fantastic book store – architecture, design, food, and art.

Bakery Gourmet Kafaneio

Following Google maps can sometimes worry me, when it gets you closer to narrower and more unreliable streets, and that happened to me when looking for the most adorable and hipster café – Bakery Gourmet Kafaneio. This place is one of the coolest you will find. Buddha bowl, smoothies, wraps, breakfast bowls, raw, and gluten free. Their stuff is made by an ex-lawyer and a personal trainer who followed their dream. So, if you like good food and local wine (made in a winery that belongs to the mother of one of the owners) – this is the place. My tuna, avocado, feta, cucumber, tomato and tahini bowl with hummus and rose was to die for. Address: 4th Evelthontos, Limassol, Cyprus

Salut Bar & Grill

Locals like to eat. Not too fancy, not too plain And they like eggs with everything – starting from breakfast until late dinner. So, for the most typically local breakfast (that locals like to eat for lunch too) head to Salut Bar and Grill and order scrambled eggs with tomatoes, served with two perfectly cooked eggs, two different types of halloumi cheese and slices of bread. There is nothing more local or authentic, since that recipe is how the owners’ grandparents used to make it.


While Cypriots like bread, they are just beginning to catch the sourdough trend, but there is one place that has caught it and that is Galette. All the breads here (except some local specialties) are made with sourdough starter – even croissants. So, if you are, by any chance, craving great bread and maybe the most fantastic tahini bun that you can find, this is the place. They have so much more, but this and the croissant was just about everything that I needed to be happy. Visit 33, Spyrou Araouzou, Limassol, Cyprus.

Angel's Cup

There's some kind of romance in this place. The music, the relaxed service (by the way, Cypriots are very relaxed), and the food. It's just something that keeps you wanting to come back. Maybe it’s because the owner makes the coffee, served with her mother’s fabulous home-made cakes. Maybe it's because it is mostly locals that come here, but maybe it's just the fact that it's always a good cup of coffee that you will get. And maybe it's all these combined. So, if you wish to have your coffee in more romantic place, this is the one – from espresso to freddo (because locals like to drink only like that) to hot chocolate and home made lemonade. Charming. Visit Spyrou Araouzou, Limassol, Cyprus

Cake Shop 113

You cannot pass this place without smelling it from a distance. If not, then it is either closed or something is wrong with you. It is not just a bakery. It is more like a place where cakes are baked and some of them are served at the cafe but most are made for order. When it is open, the pastry chef (a charming lady) is there, and there is always something to eat and there is always something she is working on (cakes, I mean). Antique, chic, tasty, aromatic, and so special. Loved everything there from that slice of traditional chocolate cake to interior. Visit Odos Athanasiou Sakellariou, 3041 Limassol

Fat Fish

The best day for you to really feel that locals do like to eat, and that is not just a story, but the truth and nothing but the truth is Sunday at Fat Fish. Whatever you choose will satisfy your appetite, mind and soul, but the best thing to choose is fish or seafood. But do not forget that everything starts with Cretan salad, tahini, taramasalata, and hummus, followed by some more serious stuff like fried calamari, red mullet, and the fish of the day. Sit back and relax, because that’s what they all do. With wine in one hand and a loudspeaker in the other (yes – they like to speak louder than their neighbor). Visit Promachon Eleftherias 8/1 @ Limassol Nautical Club, 4103 Limassol

Text and photos: Signe Meirane
Photos taken with Sony alpha 7s


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