Because in food I trust. In all forms and shapes. 

Cake. Coffee. Bread. Jægersborggade

Cake. Coffee. Bread. Jægersborggade


This street in the neighbourhood of Nørrebro is a must-visit if you like good food and small local shops – food and fashion. It’s where you’ll find both the famous The Coffee Collective and Grød and Meyers Bageri, and the fabulous Relæ restaurant and loads of small cool places. Along this street you can have breakfast and lunch and dinner, and they’ll all be excellent. And right next to it you’ll find pleasant parks to take a walk between the meals.

There are few places that can surprise me. In countries like France and Italy there’s not many of those – because they are classic spots where nothing really changes. When you go here, you already know quite a bit – what the people are like, what to expect, how to behave. And then there are places that you cannot stop talking about when you return, cannot stop recommending them to everyone you know – and for me right now these places are the north of Portugal, the north of California, and now Copenhagen as well. Places that surprise you with everything – from everyday routine to each mouthful of food. And this is why Copenhagen should be your next destination. And soon.

Original Coffee

Another place that everyone knows and loves. Small in size, big on flavours. From a classic espresso to all kinds of coffee-based drinks (and with all kinds of milks too). Small snacks (an avocado sandwich or suchlike), cakes, and that’s it – but here you don’t really need anything else. Because coffee is the chief attraction.

Strandvejen 149 (but they also have other locations). Copenhagen

The Coffee Collective

The whole city sighs blissfully when they hear the name of The Coffee Collective. Well, at least the part of the city that drinks good coffee, and for a good reason. It’s an elegant place with minimalist interior, magnificent coffee with a croissant on the side. What else could you possibly wish for to start a day, carry on with it or conclude it. Try their coffee both at Torvehallerne market and at their most famous location on Jægersborggade – such a pleasure, whether you sit outside or inside.

Jægersborggade 57.  Copenhagen + other places


That peppermint chocolate cookie... And that chocolate, caramel and peanut brownie... This physically tiny space is far from tiny when it comes to flavours or exquisite style. A tea or a coffee with a delicious tidbit or two is the perfect way to start a Saturday – whether it’s one of the abovementioned flavours, or a raspberry or lemon meringue, yuzu/liquorice and lemon, chocolate/hazelnut/vanilla, milk/cocoa/vanilla or many, many other. And in the summer don’t forget to try their madeleines and the ice cream sundae (which will blow your socks off).

Ryesgade 118. Copenhagen

Meyers Bageri

Claus Meyer knows how to bake great bread, and you can feel it in each mouthful, be it a sourdough or rye bread, cinnamon buns or anything else really. People swarm to this diminutive bakery, always smelling of something freshly baked, to buy their daily bread or to treat themselves to a pastry – even if you have queue outside in the rain, it’s absolutely worth it.

Jægersborggade 9. Copenhagen

Text and pictures: Signe Meirane
Photos taken with Sony alpha 7s
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St. Emilion

St. Emilion

Caves. Chateau Magnol

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