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Paris. 8 pastry musts

Paris. 8 pastry musts

Cannelé. Philippe Conticini

There’s no better cannelé in the world than at Philippe Conticini. They are the perfection of everything you've ever had and wanted to have in that one little piece of pastry. Be it classic or filled with praline or caramel beurre salé,,they just make you stop and freeze and enjoy every bite. Crispy and caramelized outside, perfectly moist inside. There’s nothing to add, except, there is so much more at his beautiful patisserie that you might want to return for more cakes to Gâteaux d’émotions. Address: 37 Rue de Varenne, Paris.

Kouign Aman. Stohrer

With its almost 300-year-old history, Stohrer has changed a bit, thanks to their new pastry chef Jeffrey Cagnes. The cakes are to die for, but that kouign aman – that is something that just pops back into your memory long after you've had it. Although it is very classic and dense (as they are made traditionally), it is still full of butter with a thin, shiny sugar coating. Now on Rue Cler, close to Eiffel Tower, they recently opened À la Mère de Famille and Stohrer shop, where not only cakes, but also beautiful works by À la Mère de Famille are sold. And believe me, you want to go there – any time of the year. Try that and their cakes, chocolates, marmalades, and everything you see. Address: 35 rue Cler, Paris.

The king of Palmier. Karamel

If I had to choose one palmier to eat for the rest of my life, it would be the one from Nicolas Haelewyn’s Karamel patisserie. Not because of the size, although it is grand, but because of the thousands of layers of dough that has become a perfectly wrapped palmier. It is more on the crispy side, compared to others, but sometimes that’s all you need, n'est-ce pa? It may be the main thing, but it is not the only thing in Karamel, and be sure not to eat too many sweets before you go there. Address: 67 Rue Saint-Dominique, Paris.

Kouign aman and Paris-brest. Yann Couvreur

It would be very modest to say that Yann Couvreur knows how to make things. After tasting his beautiful creations, I am sure he knows more that we think. His croissants are wrapped in the neatest layers, his dark (they call it that) kouign aman is a very beautiful representation of what it should be, his marriage of chocolate and pistachio in an escargot, wrapping the filling between puff pastry layers, is another highlight of his patisserie, but that Paris-Brest – well, that one is obligatory to try. Look for his places in the city – in Marais, Galeries Lafayette and the 10th arrondisement. Www.yanncouvreur.com

Muscade L'Atelier

Next to tiny Kitsune, there’s one more super tiny place, patisserie Muscade, where one could just stand and look at the displayed cakes, as they are truly amazing, while others might just get in and choose between the absolutely divine and chic éclairs or Mont Banc made completely differently than usual. There’s no place to sit, but who needs a seat when you're in the middle of Jardin du Palais Royal and there’s nothing more charming than eating your cake in the park? Address: Jardin du Palais Royal, 52 galerie de Montpensier, Paris.

Le Meurice

With his perfectly shaped hazelnut, apple, lemon and other fruit-shaped cakes, Cedric Grolet is the king of pastry chefs in France and also around the world. People from Asia come to his atelier, first thing after arriving, as do pastry chefs, who have never seen his work in real life. His works of pastry are more to admire than to eat, as they are just too beautiful to be true. Although his famous pistachio tart looks pretty simple compared to the fruit-shape cakes he makes, it is absolutely divine. Try his cookies and madeleines, too, but as they don’t show up in Le Maurice that often, take them when you have the chance. Address: 228 Rue de Rivoli, Paris


Although this is an oldie (since 1761), I love this place for their gaufre de lille waffles. If you’ve not tried anything else and have no desire to, the gauffre they make are all one needs when there. Start with the classic – vanilla – but then don’t forget to try ones filled with speculoos and the macarons. My top favorite. Address: 16 Rue Elzevir, 75003 Paris

Du Pain des Idees

Still the most amazing boulangerie I think I’ve ever been to. Because of their exterior and interior, because of their escargot with praline or pistachios, because of their fresh apple chausson and bread. It gets crowded in the mornings and afternoons, as everyone wants their treats. Address: 34 Rue Yves Toudic, Paris.

Story and pictures: Signe Meirane
Camera: Most of the pictures taken with Sony Alpha 7s, few with phone camera Samsung Galaxy note 8

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