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Israel. Short guide to the tastiest Tel Aviv spots

Israel. Short guide to the tastiest Tel Aviv spots

Nahat Café. Located in the centre with large windows and a delectable breakfast menu (sandwiches and panini), salads and homemade baked goods. Read more here.

Cafelix. It’s simple with a metal counter and old cups and glasses – very simple, except for the coffee. Read more here.

Mae. Coffee that is truly enjoyable, particularly in the warm weather in the shade sitting at a marble table. Read more here.

Zomer. A very small bakery in Jaffa where the locals come for breakfast pastries and for lunch. Read more here.

Urban Bakery. Fresh bread, croissants, pecan muffins with maple syrup, cheesecake, and olives. Read more here.

Le Moulin. This is not a classic Israeli bakery, but rather quite French. Read more here.

Dallal. This is considered the best bakery in Tel Aviv – French inspired, but with an Israelis touch. Read more here.

Abu Hassan. They open at 11:00, make enough humus for one day, and close when the humus is gone. MUST in tel Aviv. Read more here.

Ovad’s Sabich serves up the best sabich bread in the city – and some even say, the country. Read more here.

Hanan Margilan. Bukharan Jewish cuisine is served here and everything here is divine, but please start with the lamb. Read more here.

Dilek’s Turkish eatery. Borek here is served only with cheese or greens and it is heaven itself – crunchy on top and juicy inside. Read more here.

Ha’Achim. One of the famous Doktor brothers’ restaurants where everything is prepared with local produce and served with local wine. Read more here.

Ouzeria is heavenly, starting with the music, interiors, and service – and especially the food. Start with the cauliflower or grilled artichokes on corn cream. Read more here.

Dok is charming and the best taste sensation you can have in Tel Aviv. There are no words to describe the food. Read more here.

Santa Katarina is city’s most stylish restaurant, as the locals and critics say. Herbs and spices and Mediterranean flavours, prepared in a tabun oven.Read more here.

HaTikva market (Shuk HaTikva). Off the beaten track and fantastic. While the locals snack at the famous Yemen bar, singing and even dancing, others try to outdo them. Read more here.

Carmel market (Shuk HaCarmel). The most famous market visited by locals and tourists alike. It is colourful, aromatic, tasty, and inspiring. Read more here.

Story and pictures: Signe Meirane
Camera: Sony Alpha 7s
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