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Bordeaux. Weekend with kids

Bordeaux. Weekend with kids

It is always a good idea to enjoy a little bit of sophistication, an extra layer of cream, butter, choux dough and champagne, at least in Bordeaux, and when you get that kind of craving, you need to look for the most classical of the classics – „Miremont Pâtisserie”. More here

Bordeaux is not just about the wine and grapevines in the countryside or even just outside the city limits. No, that is a false impression of Bordeaux. Of course, there is plenty of wine here and the most beautiful and fascinating Wine Museum (which is an absolute must), and in the local wine bars the wine is flowing from bottles with titles you will never remember anyway, but that is not all – Bordeaux is Bordeaux. And Bordeaux is a spectacular destination for a family getaway, because there is just so much more to see.

Bordeaux tantalizes with its famed canelés, the rapidly expanding coffee culture, the beautiful opera and theatre building (first of its kind) and the longest shopping street in Europe. And that is not all, but it is enough to make your weekend so full and your heart so in love that you will book your next trip even before you’ve stepped a foot on your homeward-bound flight.

Coffee will never outmatch wine in this city, this region and most definitely in this country, but that does not mean that the locals do not like a good cup of coffee. Although the local children try their first sip of wine sooner rather than later and often share a glass of wine diluted with water at the dinner table with their parents, their coffee experience definitely comes much later. Despite of that, coffee spots here show more care of the children than you would expect.

 While the parents slowly sip their coffee in any of the local top speciality coffee shops, children can enjoy lemonade or home-style ice-tea. Those who have a love for coffee and at least a little bit of love for their kids (just kidding!) have two main destinations in mind in this city. One is “Horace” where adults can treat themselves with a cup of coffee and maybe a sandwich or a piece of cake and children can enjoy home-style lemonade of the day or some ice tea. The other one is „l’Alchemiste”, which I consider the most stylish and probably the best coffee spot in the area. Here you can enjoy lemonade made from fruit grown not farther than in a 40km radius of the shop – it will astound you.

If you want to see a smile and a dusting of powdered sugar on your child’s face (and, let’s be real, on yours as well), then a visit to „Dunes Blanches chez Pascal” is in order (by the way, as I discovered couple of years back, it is right opposite the „l’Alchemiste”). More here

If you are on a family trip, no child will let you live down not finding an ice-cream spot. In truth, we could happily live on without all other things – the clouds, the puff pastries, the bread and everything else, but there simply must be ice cream. Bordeaux is not renowned for its ice cream spots, just the one that is all you need - „La Maison du Glacier”. More here

Even though anyone who loves canelés, knows that there is nothing more famous than “Canelés Baillardran”, a little local bird told me that even though they are good, there is something even better and if you want to find it, all roads lead to „Le Boulanger de L’Hotel de Ville”.

Even though Bordeaux is filled to the brim with places to eat and where everyone indeed eats, there are not too many places to truly enjoy while eating, especially with children. For this reason „Belle Campagne” is a true gem not just in terms of food, but also the attitude. But, I’ll be honest, even if they didn’t like children, we would still show up, because this is one of the few restaurants that offers truly seasonal, truly local, truly delicious and fresh food. See more here

The kids will be able to run around while you enjoy oysters and a glass of local wine. They will steal a couple of fries or a piece of bread and later finish off a large bowl of the world-famous chocolate mousse from „Mousses & Chocolats by Hasnaâ Chocolats”. You will get some yogurt and cheese for breakfast, maybe a slice of pizza and go home or for a walk. Or maybe you won’t buy anything and visit „Cité du Vin” (if your children have already been introduced to wine culture). You can find all of that and more in the newly opened and the most delicious place - “Halles de Bacalan”.

If you are living somewhere between “Halles de Bacalan” and Jardin Public you can’t say no to croissants, pain au chocolat, chausson aux pommes from „La P’tite Boulangerie Notre-Dame”.

Story and pictures: Signe Meirane
Camera: Sony Alpha 7s
In cooperation with Air Baltic

Bordeaux. Coffee

Bordeaux. Coffee

Belle Campagne. Bordeaux

Belle Campagne. Bordeaux