My name is Signe Meirane. I'm a food addict. In every possible way. 

Mother of two daughters. Owner and editor-in-chief of the top Latvian food magazine Četras sezonas. Person who can talk about food all the time, and some may say – too much.

All of the things I write about and will write about are dedicated to my friends here in Latvia and around the world who are waiting for me to finally write in English. It is dedicated to every single person who likes to cook, eat, travel, grow their own vegetables and who believes in seasonality. Who knows that cooking is not fashion but  nothing but joy. It is for everyone who believes that food should be clean and grown sustainably. And for those who care about themselves, their children, and others.

I like to celebrate. To enjoy. To experiment. To bake and cook. To travel. Because there is no greater joy in life than celebrating life with your loved ones. Especially sitting by the table. 

Editor of L’Officiel Gourmand guide Latvia
Ambassador of Bergner Europe
Loison Panettone Ambassador

Your truly, Signe

And yes, I am and author of nine cookbooks:

Wine and Food Harmony (“Vīna un ēdiena harmonija”), 2011
Cook and Enjoy (“Gatavot un baudīt”), 2012
Seasons in Kitchen (“Sezonas virtuvē”), 2013
Time to cook ,2014
Our Heritage. Volume 1, 2014
Our Heritage Volume 2, 2015

Kids in the Kitchen, 2016
365 Recipes, 2016
Crazy About, 2016
100 cakes and 1 candle, 2017
52 omelettes. 2018