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Pick of the month. June/May

Pick of the month. June/May

Pick of the month. June

Summer is all about being chic, joyful, and happy. Because it is summer, which just suits everyone to be more relaxed and, you know, not think about much. While not thinking much about what is happening around you, there are some things you have to think about – great food and looking “tasty”. And here are some things I have picked out for June (and the rest of the summer).

Slow. There are swimsuits that are made for swimming and then there is Slow beachwear. Something truly beautiful, chic, stylish, and just so, so amazingly sexy. Something that just goes hand in hand with glass of champagne, sun glasses, and great company full of laughter. A fantastic beachwear collection made by Elina Štobe and this one is my favorite. Get it at https://www.slow.lv

Blooming(ville). Each time I get some plates from Bloomingville, I start to bloom. It feels like my chakras open and I just want to create dishes for these plates, bowls, and everything else they have. This beige/grey collection is my favorite (for a few months), and I just want to serve every meal on these plates and eat every breakfast from those bowls. Get them at http://www.bloomingville.com. I got them at the Mokka Pop-up shop in Riga.

Truffle vs. Lemon. Since I could not decide which one of these two Muraglia is better, I just went for both (nooo… honestly, all four, including celery and ginger) because there is just something so, so good in them. Starting with excellent extra-virgin olive oils, which are just the basics, and the, with all the additions. I would say, all the ones I tasted I also love the most. These two just happen to be in the picture. Get it online at http://www.gourmet-studio.lv.

Baklava, sweet baklava. Once you have tried a good version of baklava, there is no looking back. I have tried so many because I love it, and these also happen to be one of my favorites. They have these amazing taste combinations that just blow your mind: marmalade, strawberry, chocolate and almond is just one of them; there is even a version with olives and nuts (believe me, it’s good). I got it at http://www.gourmet-studio.lv.

Parmesan chips. What’s not to like about chips – even more if they are as good as these. Made from spelt flour and Parmesan, these are delicate, crisp, and so excellent with wine and appetizers and also on a salad to make every bite a bit crunchier. I got mine at www.bioteka.lv.

Demerara is the one. If I have to choose sugar to bake with, then Demerara is usually my choice, but there so many types. Verival Demerara is also one of my favorites – not too sweet with hints of caramel and nuts and a beautiful shine. I just love this one. I got mine at www.lavandas.lv.

In honor of the blue. Iittala is one more of my favorite tableware brands, starting from their wine glasses to plates, bowls, and vases. This beautiful all in blue collection is their latest creation in honor of Finland’s 100-year anniversary, and it just suits summer so much. Imagine dark raspberries or golden peaches playing with that blue. Amazing. Get it at https://www.iittala.com/home. I found it at the Iittala shop in Riga.

Chickpea flour does it all. It's a true story – chickpea really does it all. Maybe not all, but, oh so much: starting as the “gluing” agent replacing eggs and so much more. Lindsey S. Live has been working hard to show us that cooking with chickpea flour is great, tasty, and so interesting. If I had time, I would try all of the recipes and I suggest you do that too. Get it at www.amazon.co.uk where I got it.

pick of the month_storyaboutfoodcommay2017_SM_SM 3.jpg

To live in the clouds. Paademode (my fave kids’ fashion brand) and their chief designer Linda Raituma just know how to make kids (and parents) happy and fly just a bit higher than the ground – this tulle is just made for that. Girls love it – small and big girls because what’s not to love? Beautiful fabric, texture, colors, and feeling. Get it at www.paademode.com.

Deeply Personal. Every time I wear a piece from the Deeply Personal collection created by Elina Vanags, I feel that there is something more. The fabrics, the prints, the pattern, and everything about this brand is so special. There are so many things I would wear all the time, but nothing says summer more than this truly beautiful dress that just makes your day that much better. Get it at https://deeplypersonal.fashion.

Text and photos: Signe Meirāne
Photos taken with Sony alpha 7s

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